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We are working on a project with JSF and PrimeFaces and we are looking to add dynamic inline validation on our forms. I'm not sure if PrimeFaces can handle this (correct me if I am wrong) so I am looking for some alternatives

Does anyone know of any plugins we could use to do this? Prefer something that incorporates JSF too...

I'm not a developer but a UX guy so sorry if some of the terminology is incorrect.

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Standard JSF supports server side validation by ajax (live example here) and PrimeFaces definitely also supports it (live example here). You can add <f:ajax event="blur" render="message_id" /> inside input components to perform validation directly on blur (see also this tutorial).

<h:inputText id="foo" value="#{bean.foo}" required="true">
    <f:ajax event="blur" render="foo_message" />
<h:message id="foo_message" for="foo" />
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