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I am developing a simple android app for a web developer. I am having problems with history.go(-1) in WebView.

If I navigate from page 1, to page 2, and hit a button with history.go(-1), the webview navigates to page 1.

If I navigate from page 1, to page 2, to page 3, and hit button with history.go(-1), the webview goes to page 2. If I hit the button with history.go(-1) again, the webview goes to page 3, and not page 1.

Is this a fault in the webview of android? Works like a charm in iOS and on desktop browsers! Is there a work around?

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what are you using to deveelop this, are you using just java and xml or are you using jQuery or similar? –  Hip Hip Array May 24 '12 at 13:07

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for this you would need to use a Task and Back Stack, this will allow you to move to previous activities, avoiding the problem that you are running to. Have a look at this, you should see where you are going wrong and how to solve it

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