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If Set up Thinking Sphinx on my application now

Everything was working fine

Until I decide to do a conditions query with Thinking Sphinx

PartPriceRecord.search "50002" ,:conditions => { :supplier_id =>
"supp50002" },:star => true

and it reported me with the above error

ThinkingSphinx::SphinxError: index part_price_record_core: query
error: no field 'supplier_id' found in schema

seeing even the Ryan Bates Screencast he seem to achieve the conditions clauses with "has" method defined for the column

something like

 has :author_id

Reading to one of the post by Pate Allen (scroll down to bottom)

 :with should be used for attribute filters, and :conditions for
field queries. 

so changing my above code with clause

PartPriceRecord.search "PartNumber50002",:with => {:supplier_id =>
"supp50002" },:star => true

and I get no result which is wrong as I can see a record for "supplier_id" for part_number "PartNumber50002" in by database

Now I'm confuse

why is above error appearing and also what the fundamental difference between "fields" and "attribute"

can anyone help

BTW here my indexes definition

 define_index  do
   indexes part_number
   has supplier_id

 sphinx_scope(:supplier) { |name|
   {:conditions => {:supplier_id => supplier}}
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In Sphinx, currently only numeric attributes can be filtered. :supplier_id => "supp50002" suggests a string attribute.

I dont understand ruby or thinking-sphinx. But seeing as the underlying sphinx cant do that, I'm guessing thinking-sphinx wont allow it.

  • fields, are textual columns from the original dataset. Sphinx indexes them, and they are queryable via the main 'full text query'.

  • Whereas attributes, are just stored as is in the index. They are useful for retrivial[1], sorting, grouping and direct filtering. With the provisio that filtering by string attributes is not supported. can filter by other attributes

[1] Sphinx can return the values of attributes, in the resultset; whereas fields are not stored - only indexed, so you dont get them back

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Your are right still attaching the links answered by pat for further reference groups.google.com/group/thinking-sphinx/browse_thread/thread/… –  Viren May 24 '12 at 16:59

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