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I started using knockout in my asp.net mvc 2 project

anyway i tried something simple. i created a model like so:

var userViewModel = {
ID: ko.observable(),
assignedGroups: ko.observableArray(),
avilableGroups: ko.observableArray(),
permissions: ko.observableArray()

then on the document.ready of jquery i called:


in the aspx itself i have:

<select multiple id="groupOfUser" class="multi_added_groups" data-bind="foreach:    assignedGroups">
  <option data-bind="text: $data, value: $data"></option>
<span data-bind="text: ID"></span>

if i first put data into userViewModel the view displays as expected. and that's great but i want the view to start off empty at first. then after the user chooses a user i make an ajax request my response is this:


then in my callback function:

ko.mapping.fromJS(res, userViewModel);

and that's it i guess. my view doesn't get refreshed with the new data from the server... what am i doing wrong?


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I've run into this issue myself a couple of times. It seems that the mapping plugin expects your object to have been initially created from mapped data. This is a bit of a limitation of the plugin but can easily be worked around. Here is an example of creating your properties with the plugin where the update works correctly.


var userViewModel = function () {
    var self = this;
        ID: "",
        assignedGroups: [],
        avilableGroups: [],
        permissions: []            
    }, {}, self);

    userSelected = function () {
        ko.mapping.fromJS(ajaxResponse, {}, self);

Hope this helps.

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Genius! thanks! –  guy schaller May 24 '12 at 16:28

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