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I am trying to add a path to the PYTHONPATH environment variable, that would be only visible from a particular virtualenv environment.

I tried SET PYTHONPATH=... under a virtualenv command prompt, but that sets the variable for the whole environment.

How do I achieve that?

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You can usually avoid having to do anything with PYTHONPATH by using .pth files. Just put a file with a .pth extension (any basename works) in your virtualenv's site-packages folder, e.g. lib\python2.7\site-packages, with the absolute path to the directory containing your package as its only contents.

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If you're using virtualenv, you should probably also be using virtualenvwrapper, in which case you can use the add2virtualenv command to add paths to the Python path for the current virtualenv:

add2virtualenv directory1 directory2 …

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