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I want to commit all modified files except one using Subversion.

So here is the scenario:

$ svn st
M    file1
M    file2
M    file3
M    file4

I can do something like this:

svn ci -m "Commit 1" file1 file2 file3
svn ci -m "Commit 2" file4

But when a large number of files, I'm trying to simplify my work:

svn ci -m "Commit 1" `svn st | awk '{print $2}' | grep -v file4`
svn ci -m "Commit 2" file4

This solution is very fragile, because with this scenario not works:

$ svn st
M    file1
M    file2
D    file3
A +  file4

I think that SVN does not have a built-in solution for my problem, but I not sure. Any other approach?

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Option 1, AWK:

svn ci -m "Commit 1" `svn st | awk '{print $NF}' | grep -v file4`
svn ci -m "Commit 2" file4

Option 2, --targets:

svn ci -m "Commit 1" --targets filesToCommit.txt
svn ci -m "Commit 2" file4

Option 3, --changelist:

svn changelist my-changelist file1 file2 file3
svn ci -m "Commit 1" --changelist my-changelist
svn ci -m "Commit 2" file4
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You can do it like this:

svn diff file4 > tmp.patch
svn revert file4
svn ci -m "Commit 1"
svn patch tmp.patch

At this point all files are commited except file4

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You can somewhat improve on your approach by adding your files with a script to a change list and committing it. You can inspect the list to make sure that it contains the right items before committing.

See svn changelist --help and --changelist option in svn ci --help.

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Although I'm sure you could work out a solution like you propose using a more complex awk command line, since we're talking about just one file, why not

  1. Copy the file to a temporary location
  2. svn revert the modified file to get the original back
  3. Commit the whole repository
  4. Copy the modified file back

Simple, easy, fast.

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