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I have the following (example.txt) file:

blue(4) red(8) green(5) yellow(19) brown(60) black(5)

how can I achieve in unix the following result?

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The following in-line sed script will replace a space with a newline, and should solve your problem.

sed -i 's/ /\n/g' example.txt > example_out.txt

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If you need to insert newline after closing brackets, try

sed 's/) \?/)\n/g' example.txt
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xargs -n 1 < example.txt 

By passing example.txt into xargs taking one argument at a time -n 1, xargs will place each entry on a separate line.

E.g., to put two entries per line one would simply change the -n 1 to -n 2

The option -n is also referred to as max-args on the man page.

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corrected the spelling of xargs for you :) –  0xC0000022L May 24 '12 at 14:12
thanks .. copy and paste is a safer approach sometimes :) –  Levon May 24 '12 at 14:13

Pass your data to this sed command, like so:

sed 's/ /\n/g' example.txt
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