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Using this code for a nested UITableView, implement adding and reordering of rows.

Where I Am At

Using this combined with the previous code, I'm able to move around rows but I haven't figured out how to properly insert and delete rows.


The initial data structure is made like this:

    treeNode = [[MyTreeNode alloc] initWithValue:@"Root"];
    MyTreeNode *node1 = [[MyTreeNode alloc] initWithValue:@"Node1"];
    [treeNode addChild:node1];

    MyTreeNode *node1a = [[MyTreeNode alloc] initWithValue:@"Node1a"];
    MyTreeNode *node1b = [[MyTreeNode alloc] initWithValue:@"Node1b"];
    [node1 addChild:node1a];
    [node1 addChild:node1b];

    MyTreeNode *node1a1 = [[MyTreeNode alloc] initWithValue:@"Node1a1"];
    [node1a addChild:node1a1];

    MyTreeNode *node1b1 = [[MyTreeNode alloc] initWithValue:@"Node1b1"];
    MyTreeNode *node1b2 = [[MyTreeNode alloc] initWithValue:@"Node1b2"];
    MyTreeNode *node1b3 = [[MyTreeNode alloc] initWithValue:@"Node1b3"];

    [node1b addChild:node1b1];
    [node1b addChild:node1b2];
    [node1b addChild:node1b3];
    node1b.inclusive = NO;

    MyTreeNode *node2 = [[MyTreeNode alloc] initWithValue:@"Node2"];
    [treeNode addChild:node2];

    MyTreeNode *node2a = [[MyTreeNode alloc] initWithValue:@"Node2a"];
    [node2 addChild:node2a];

    MyTreeNode *node2a1 = [[MyTreeNode alloc] initWithValue:@"Node2a1"];
    [node2a addChild:node2a1];

and as I see it, for reordering rows the process will be something like this:

  1. Creat a new instance of MyTreeNode for the moved row, using fromIndexPath.
  2. Create a new instance of MyTreeNode for the row above where the moved row is to be inserted, using toIndexPath.
  3. Add to each other the two above instances using using some sort of addObject:object toParent:parent type of method.

and for just adding rows, I imagine the process should be fairly similar.


  • Is the above plan the correct way to go about the problem, and if so, what is the correct way to go about making the addObject:object toParent:parent method?
  • When reordering, how can I prevent the higher level sections from being inserted into lower level sections? Ex: not allowing a heading to be inserted under a sub-heading.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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