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test<-"Low-Decarie, Etienne"

I wish to replace all punctuation with space

gsub(pattern="[:punct:]", x=test, replacement=" ")

but this produces

"Low-De arie, E ie  e"

where no punctuation is replaced and apparently random letters are removed (though they may be associated with punctation as t for tab and n for next line).

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pattern="[[:punct:]]"... – kohske May 24 '12 at 14:14
The Examples section of ?gsub gives examples of the answer @kohske provided. And the removed letters aren't random; they're in the set of {p,u,n,c,t,:}. – Joshua Ulrich May 24 '12 at 14:21
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Fellow MontReal user here.

Several options, sames results.

In R Base, just double the brackets

gsub(pattern="[[:punct:]]", test, replacement=" ")

[1] "Low Decarie  Etienne"

Package stringr has function str_replace_all that does that.

str_replace_all(test, "[[:punct:]]", " ")

Or keep only letters

str_replace_all(test, "[^[:alnum:]]", " ")
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