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I have a problem with windows dynamic libraries. I've written a shared widget library in Linux using Qt/C++. Everything is ok and I can link every application against my library. But in Windows same code compiles, but any application can't use it. I'm getting a lot of linker errors of type undefined reference to ... which are all implemented in library.

I found that in Windows, symbol table of code is not exported to binary by default. I have to specify which function I want to be visible in final dll. But I can't manage to find a way to doing that.

Following this instructions, I add Q_DECL_EXPORT to all class declarations. but it doesn't work for me.

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You should add MYSHAREDLIB_EXPORT to your class declarations, not Q_DECL_EXPORT. Also from the link your provided, which you define accordingly.

If you add Q_DECL_EXPORT, you tell the compiler to generate code for that class in every module that includes the header, not to expect the class to be exported in another library.

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I was exporting classes which their code is not included in final binary by default. Because the project was a widget library and only have plugin classes not a widget itlelf. I should separate widget library and designer plugin. Thanks –  sorush-r May 24 '12 at 14:37

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