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We run siteminder as our SSO solution. We will be using its SAML capabilities to authorize people for a 3rd party (we will be the Identity Provider). Is there an opensource piece of software I can install that will allow me to set up SAML and test our Identity Provider setup?

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A very similar question was previously asked: Public SAML v2 service providers for testing?

You may find it simpler to use an online service rather than setting something else up.

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I would definitely suggest using SimpleSAMLPHP (http://simplesamlphp.org/docs/1.9/simplesamlphp-sp)

You could also use a Google Apps for Business service as a SAML service provider as well.

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Maybe you want to take a look at http://www.testshib.org.

You can host your IdP server on a machine that has a global DNS, then config your IdP at testshib.org. Then it will have a SP to connect to you.

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