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In order to deploy into FreeBSD jails, I need my commands to look like this:

ssh "jexec 'web_jail' $THE_COMMAND_HERE"
ssh "jexec 'db_jail' $ANOTHER_COMMAND_HERE"

Note that, though technically possible, I want to avoid activating SSH in the jails directly!

So how can I have Capistrano operate like this?

(Note that I am mostly asking in reference to amending the default cap tasks.)

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Got chainsaw?

One part that needs clarification is who determines if it is web_jail or db_jail? Is that the role with _jail appended to it?

The place I would hack into is Capistrano::Command.replace_placeholders. You could use an alias_method_chain to hook in. The original is in lib/capistrano/command.rb.

You might be able to do some fancy footwork with the "shell" variable but that would seem pretty hard to do.

Since you have two people watching, this may be a good addition to submit to the Capistrano folks.

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Jails in FreeBSD are named. 'web_jail' and 'db_jail' are those names. They are chosen by the admin upon setting up the jail. – user569825 Sep 23 '12 at 20:11

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