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I'm learning SubSonic 2.2, and have the following query, but it feels "Wrong" writing my expression ("count + 1") as a string.

Can any experts suggest a better way that this?

            int records = new Update(Wordsfile.Schema)
            .SetExpression(Wordsfile.CountColumn).EqualTo("count + 1")

It's the line: ".SetExpression(Wordsfile.CountColumn).EqualTo("count + 1")".

I've tried: ".SetExpression(Wordsfile.CountColumn).EqualTo(Wordsfile.Columns.Count + 1)", but no joy.

Any suggestions


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I would fetch the matching Wordsfile object and handle it in a typed way. Something like file.Count++; file.Save(); –  Johan Kronberg Jan 14 '13 at 15:25

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Try this instead:

.SetExpression(Wordsfile.CountColumn).EqualTo(Wordsfile.Columns.Count + " + 1")
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Great stuff! That's certainly in improvment, but can anyone think of a way of achieving this without the use of strings? I guess it could also be done with a sub-query, but that seems a bit messy, when using straight sql, the additional query wouldnt be needed. –  bob Jul 2 '09 at 15:11

Strings aren't so bad and in your case it's pretty simple stuff ("+1"). You could throw a trigger in there :) if you wanted...

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Try this:

 .SetExpression("count").EqualTo("count + 1")

Because in update.cs,the code is:

public Setting SetExpression(TableSchema.TableColumn col)

return CreateSetting(col.ColumnName, col.DataType, true);
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