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A couple of months ago I was doing Javascript programming on the Facebook platform, on which the major frameworks such as Dojo, ExtJS, jQuery, Prototype, etc. don't necessarily work. Which led me to discovering a couple of frameworks that merely provide the CSS selection functionality, for possible porting, namely Sizzle (used inside jQuery) and Peppy.

I remember at the time also stumbling across a mini framework that primarily provided just the document/onready functionality that some of the major frameworks provide. However I don't remember these (well actually only one) the way I do Sizzle and/or Peppy. Can anybody point me to such a Javascript mini framework, for providing primarily just document/onready functionality? Thanks

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This was suggested to me yesterday by Cal Jacobson


All the best


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+1, good find. I wonder how small it is minified? –  Kieron Jul 8 '09 at 15:18

Going to throw in my library: onready. I extracted this from jQuery.

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