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I'm having an issue with two functions that I have defined and they are as follows:

#return the full path of the passed in dir/file with the drive letter removed
define clean_path
$(patsubst $(DRIVE_ROOT)/%,/%,$(abspath $(1)))

#appends the root directory name to the paths except for paths that are absolute.
define qualify_path
$(addprefix $(1),$(filter-out /%,$(2))) $(filter /%,$(2))

The qualify_path function is to look at a list of paths and any directory that doesnt start with / it will add $(1) to it. Both of these functions work independently but my problem is when I am using them together.

In a makefile I have the following lines:

TEMP_DIRS := $(call qualify_path, $(lastword $(dirstack)), $(SRC_INCDIRS))
$(info TEMP_DIRS = $(TEMP_DIRS))
CLEAN_DIRS := $(call clean_path, $(TEMP_DIRS))

When these lines get run I end up with $(TEMP_DIRS) having the appropriate values assigned to it but $(CLEAN_DIRS) has the same values as $(TEMP_DIRS). I have $(TEMP_DIRS) just for debugging at this point I would really just want to combine them like this:

CLEAN_DIRS := $(call clean_path, $(call qualify_path, $(lastword $(dirstack)), $(SRC_INCDIRS)))

Now if I use this instead of doing a call to clean_path:

TEMP_DIRS := $(call qualify_path, $(lastword $(dirstack)), $(SRC_INCDIRS))
$(info TEMP_DIRS = $(TEMP_DIRS))
CLEAN_DIRS := $(patsubst $(DRIVE_ROOT)/%,/%,$(abspath $(TEMP_DIRS)))

$(CLEAN_DIRS) has all the right values in it. I am sure it has something to do with expansion orders, using eval, or something of the sort but I really cannot figure this out. If someone could please explain the proper way of doing what I am attempting that would be great. As always thanks for your time.

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I were unable to reproduce it. Could you post the input values for DRIVE_ROOT, dirstack, etc? Or even better, the whole makefile? – Eldar Abusalimov May 24 '12 at 15:41
Let me try to reproduce it in a simple makefile for you, thanks for trying – ThePosey May 24 '12 at 16:52
Now of course when I am recreating this in a simpler test case everything works correctly, anybody got any shots in the dark to try? i am combing over the differences now – ThePosey May 24 '12 at 18:50
well, I would only recommend you to check whitespaces, because GNU Make is very sensitive to them. – Eldar Abusalimov May 24 '12 at 18:56
any particular region for white spaces? I have whitespace set to visible in vim so I can see tabs vs. spaces. As you can see the function definitions are just 1 line so I don't think there any spacing issue that can go wrong there. Are there spacing requirements for the $(call) $(patsubst) etc. functions? I wasn't aware of any – ThePosey May 25 '12 at 0:41
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Ok this one was of course a stupid mistake and there would've been no chance to finding it for anyone else. I had previously defined the clean_path function in a separate makefile that I was including that were system commands for a unix system or windows system since I don't need to clean the path for a unix system it was blank. I guess having the function defined in two different places was messing up make so it just did nothing. I found the problem commenting everything out until it worked and then adding stuff back in piece by piece. Once I uncommented out the windows command include it broke again so I looked in there and there was the clean_path function. Thanks for the help and time guys.

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