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I'm doing a Math Quiz program by using GUI. This is my code, my problem now is:

  1. How to make another question appear if the JButton Next is pressed.
  2. How to make the Next button work if and only if the answer is correct? (means that they must answer correctly before move to next question).

Someone help me please, thank you.

public class MathQuiz extends JFrame{

    JButton jbtNum1, jbtNum2, jbtNum3, jbtNum4, jbtNum5, jbtNum6, jbtNum7, jbtNum8, jbtNum9, jbtNum10, jbtNum11, jbtNum12, jbtNum13, jbtNum14, jbtNum15, jbtNum16, jbtNum17, jbtNum18, jbtNum19, jbtNum20;
    JButton jbtConfirm;
    JButton jbtNext;
    JTextField jtfAnswer = new JTextField();
    int a = (int)((Math.random())*10);
    int b = (int)((Math.random())*10);

    public MathQuiz(){

        JPanel p1 = new JPanel();
        p1.setLayout(new GridLayout(4,4,1,1));

            p1.add(jbtNum1 = new JButton("10"));
            p1.add(jbtNum2 = new JButton("7"));
            p1.add(jbtNum3 = new JButton("2"));
            p1.add(jbtNum4 = new JButton("18"));
            p1.add(jbtNum5 = new JButton("6"));
            p1.add(jbtNum6 = new JButton("11"));
            p1.add(jbtNum7 = new JButton("14"));
            p1.add(jbtNum8 = new JButton("1"));
            p1.add(jbtNum9 = new JButton("9"));
            p1.add(jbtNum10 = new JButton("3"));
            p1.add(jbtNum11 = new JButton("16"));
            p1.add(jbtNum12 = new JButton("17"));
            p1.add(jbtNum13 = new JButton("8"));
            p1.add(jbtNum14 = new JButton("15"));
            p1.add(jbtNum15 = new JButton("13"));
            p1.add(jbtNum16 = new JButton("5"));
            p1.add(jbtNum17 = new JButton("20"));
            p1.add(jbtNum18 = new JButton("12"));
            p1.add(jbtNum19 = new JButton("19"));
            p1.add(jbtNum20 = new JButton("4"));

        JPanel p2 = new JPanel(new GridLayout(1,5));

        p2.add(new JLabel(" " + a));
        p2.add(new JLabel(" + "));
        p2.add(new JLabel(" " + b));
        p2.add(new JLabel(" = "));
        p2.add(jbtConfirm = new JButton("Confirm"));
        p2.add(jbtNext = new JButton("Next"));

        setLayout(new GridLayout(3,1,50,50));

        jbtNum1.addActionListener(new ListenToButton());
        jbtNum2.addActionListener(new ListenToButton());
        jbtNum3.addActionListener(new ListenToButton());
        jbtNum4.addActionListener(new ListenToButton());
        jbtNum5.addActionListener(new ListenToButton());
        jbtNum6.addActionListener(new ListenToButton());
        jbtNum7.addActionListener(new ListenToButton());
        jbtNum8.addActionListener(new ListenToButton());
        jbtNum9.addActionListener(new ListenToButton());
        jbtNum10.addActionListener(new ListenToButton());
        jbtNum11.addActionListener(new ListenToButton());
        jbtNum12.addActionListener(new ListenToButton());
        jbtNum13.addActionListener(new ListenToButton());
        jbtNum14.addActionListener(new ListenToButton());
        jbtNum15.addActionListener(new ListenToButton());
        jbtNum16.addActionListener(new ListenToButton());
        jbtNum17.addActionListener(new ListenToButton());
        jbtNum18.addActionListener(new ListenToButton());
        jbtNum19.addActionListener(new ListenToButton());
        jbtNum20.addActionListener(new ListenToButton());
        jbtConfirm.addActionListener(new ListenToConfirm());

    class ListenToButton implements ActionListener{
        public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e){
            if(e.getSource() == jbtNum1)
            else if(e.getSource() == jbtNum2)
            else if(e.getSource() == jbtNum3)
            else if(e.getSource() == jbtNum4)
            else if(e.getSource() == jbtNum5)
            else if(e.getSource() == jbtNum6)
            else if(e.getSource() == jbtNum7)
            else if(e.getSource() == jbtNum8)
            else if(e.getSource() == jbtNum9)
            else if(e.getSource() == jbtNum10)
            else if(e.getSource() == jbtNum11)
            else if(e.getSource() == jbtNum12)
            else if(e.getSource() == jbtNum13)
            else if(e.getSource() == jbtNum14)
            else if(e.getSource() == jbtNum15)
            else if(e.getSource() == jbtNum16)
            else if(e.getSource() == jbtNum17)
            else if(e.getSource() == jbtNum18)
            else if(e.getSource() == jbtNum19)
            else if(e.getSource() == jbtNum20)

    class ListenToConfirm implements ActionListener{
        public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e){
            int answer = a + b;
            int guessAnswer = Integer.parseInt(jtfAnswer.getText());

            if(guessAnswer == answer)
                jtfAnswer.setText("Wrong! Try Again.");

    public static void main(String[] args){
        MathQuiz frame = new MathQuiz();
        frame.setTitle("Math Quiz");
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Where's the question or did I miss it? All I see is a bunch of buttons and one text field. –  ChadNC May 24 '12 at 15:28
ChadNC, I set the question in JPanel p2 –  Annie Tan May 24 '12 at 15:32

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To solve your problem 1, use CardLayout. To solve your problem 2, use simple if statement.

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An alternative for 2 is 'disable it until the answer is correct'. –  Andrew Thompson May 24 '12 at 15:48
  1. Instead of using four JLabels you could use only one and call the setText() method on the JLabel when the answer is correct and you wish to display a different question.

    JLabel question = new JLabel("your first question");

  2. When you create the JButton disable it.

Disable the button on creation.

    jbtNext = new JButton("Next");
    jbtNext.setEnabled(false);// button is initially disabled

In your ActionListener for the confirm button

   if(guessAnswer == answer){
       jtfAnswer.setText("Wrong! Try Again."); 

You'll need to add an ActionListener to the "Next" button also.

jbtNext.addActionListener(new ActionListener(){
    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e){
      question.setText("Your next question");// change the question text
      jbtNext.setEnabled(false);// disable again until the next correct answer
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