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i am using the following code :


to remove a dollar from string stored in importTabs Array list. how do i pass a parameter along with '$' so that it removes a single quote (') from the beginning ans well the end of the string?

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Your question is not very clear, can you pls fix it? –  edocetirwi May 24 '12 at 15:17

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You could use another trim:


Or, if you don't mind removing the $ at the beginning too, you can do it all at once:

importTabs.Add(row["TABLE_NAME"].ToString().Trim('\'', '$')

That saves you from creating one more string instance than you need to.

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I would use trim twice

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seems I was beaten to this question :( –  Aeropher May 24 '12 at 15:20

Not sure I quite understand your question. Are you wanting to remove single quotes from the beginning and end and remove the $ from the end? If so you can use this...


If the $ sign is before the ending tic mark then the Trims need to be reversed...


If you know there is not a $ sign at the beginning you can simplify it...

importTabs.Add(row["TABLE_NAME"].ToString().Trim('$', '\''))

If you want to pass it in as a parameter the Trim takes an array of characters

char[] charactersToRemove = new[] {'$', '\''};
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