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I want to format selected text to a heading, the way I am doing it works fine in Firefox and Google Chrome but it doesn't work in IE9, here is how I do it:


Does anyone know how to achieve the same task in Internet Explorer 9?

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The problem seems to be one of syntax. IE expects the tag to be formatted while the other browsers don't.

See here:

In Internet Explorer, the name of the element must be placed between tag delimiters (such as <H1>). Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari support all block elements, Internet Explorer supports only the h1 - h6, address and pre elements

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works perfect for me in IE9

your codes probably wrong, mines more like:

        var contentWindow = editor.contentWindow;
        contentWindow.document.execCommand('formatBlock', false, '<h1>');
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Internet Explorer supports only heading tags H1 - H6, ADDRESS, and PRE, which must also include the tag delimiters < and >, such as in <H1>.

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