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What is the best way of working with images, for a playing cards game in my case? Defining a resource for each image I have seems a little overkill.

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In my experience defining a Resource for each card is the way to go. Not all devices will have the memory required to slice a single large bit map. Once you have all the cards in individual resources you can use a static initializer to put the references into a convenient data structure. Also you can give them a specific naming scheme to make the generation easier and generating multiple decks of different styles of cards by using getIdentifier()

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keep in mind the fact that ids can be itrated, they are in an order.

int a = R.drawable.image1;
if(a == R.id.image2)
//this will always be true.
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Unicode has characters for spade, diamond, heart, club. Maybe you could have just one resource for a blank card and place these characters and number over the blank card image

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