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Umbraco version: umbraco v 4.0.0 (Assembly version: 1.0.3327.20280)

Asp.Net: .Net framework 2.0

Windows server 2008 with IIs7

Sometimes when viewing a page with a contained macro, the macro part of that page is completely removed, not rendered, no error no nothing only a incomplete page. Loading the same page again, it's rendered correctly. This occurs very rarely.

When investigating more deeply I found out that this is somehow connected to the recycling of the application pool in which umbraco is running in. Setting the application pool to recycle itself every 1 minute I could reproduce the behavior more often than with the default recycling time but still not consistently after every recycling.

I was never able to reproduce the error when adding the umbDebugShowTrace=true, the page always renders correctly when having it set to true.

Has anyone got a clue about what can cause this or have anyone seen this before?

Note. It just not a particular page with a macro the got this behavior, every page on the site that have a macro on it acts like this when the problem occurs.

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I can't replicate your issue - so I suggest you ask this question at

There is will get a bit more visibility by the Umbraco core team who may be aware of the issue.

If you have proper steps to reproduce the bug then submit it to the umbraco codeplex site so that it can get fixed.


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