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How in D would I cast integer to string? Something like

int i = 15
string message = "Value of 'i' is " ~ toString(i); // cast(string) i - also does not work 

Google brought me the answer on how to do it with tango, but I want the phobos version.

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import std.conv;

int i = 15;
string message = "Value of 'i' is " ~ to!string(i);

or format:

import std.string;
string message = format("Value of 'i' is %s.", i);
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to is just brilliant :) – Trass3r May 25 '12 at 0:48

Use to from std.conv:

int i = 15
string message = "Value of 'i' is " ~ to!string(i);
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import std.conv;
auto i = 15;
auto message = text("Value of 'i' is ", i);

there are also wtext an dtext variants witch returns wstring and dstring.

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