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I'm using a VirtualTree as a layer selector for a mapping application, and I'm trying to have a "Layer" or "File" show a green icon when a layer is active and a grey icon when it is not.

Can you... 1) Set the icon of a selection? or 2) Bind an icon of an item of a VirtualTree to a boolean property of an array?

I see there is a property for: iconOptions that takes a map and this references qx.data.SingleValueBinding, but how to actually implement it is stumping me. My tree is getting created using:

var store = new qx.data.store.Json(url);
store.bind("model", tree, "model");

I tried:


but that requires that I have an icon property for every element of my JSON file to display the Folder/File and doesn't allow for the multiple (on/off) capabilities.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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have a look at virtual tree demo. Using the setIconOption you could specify a convertor takeing other data into account when deciding what type of icon to set.

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Thanks Tobi, sometimes it's just a matter of finding those examples. In the end, I had to add another key to my JSON and I used the model to set the icon value based on if my new "loaded" key was true or false. –  Jonathan Jun 5 '12 at 12:19

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