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I have a form without class

class ProfilesSearchType extends AbstractType {

    public function buildForm(FormBuilder $builder, array $options)
                ->add('disabilityType', 'entity', array(
                    'class' => 'AldenXyzBundle:DisabilityType',
                    'property' => 'name',
                    'multiple' => true,
                    'expanded' => true,

called in controller

public function listAction()
    $form = $this->createForm(
        new \Alden\XyzBundle\Form\Type\ProfilesSearchType(), array());
    if (isset($_GET['profile_search']))
        $d = $form->getData();
        // some stuff here
    return array(
        'form' => $form->createView()

How to set all checkboxes from disabilityType as checked by default? The class definition is (I deleted setters and getters)

class DisabilityType {

     * @var integer $disabilityTypeId
     * @ORM\Column(name="disability_type_id", type="integer", nullable=false)
     * @ORM\Id
     * @ORM\GeneratedValue(strategy="IDENTITY")
    private $disabilityTypeId;

     * @var string $name
     * @ORM\Column(name="name", type="string", length=50, nullable=false)
    private $name;

     * @var Profile
     * @ORM\ManyToMany(targetEntity="Profile", mappedBy="disabilityType")
    private $profile;

    public function __construct()
        $this->profile = new \Doctrine\Common\Collections\ArrayCollection();
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I added in controller

$disabilityDegree = $this->getDoctrine()->
$form = $this->createForm(new \Alden\XyzBundle\Form\Type\ProfilesSearchType(), array(
        'disabilityType' => new \Doctrine\Common\Collections\ArrayCollection($disabilityType),
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You must initialise your form with all disabilityType

you can do this like that:

$disabilities = $this->getDoctrine()->getRepository("AldenXyzBundle:DisabilityType")-  >findAll();
$form = $this->createForm(new \Alden\XyzBundle\Form\Type\ProfilesSearchType(), $disabilities);
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This is not good solution because I use form without class as noted at the beginning. –  koral May 28 '12 at 6:19

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