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I have a table like this

  list     |  id  | 
 {930,23}  |  1   |
 {2012,1}  |  2   |
 {5943}    |  3   |
 {6148}    |  4   |
 {1003}    |  5   |

Now, I'd like to use JDBC to retrieve the first column. I've learned that we can use java.sql.Array to do that. (, but when I declare the Array object like this:

import java.sql.Array;

    Array arr;

It issues a compile error:

[javac] /home/ error: not a statement
[javac]             Array arr;
[javac]             ^
[javac] /home/ error: ';' expected
[javac]             Array arr;
[javac]                  ^
[javac] /home/ error: not a statement
[javac]             Array arr;
[javac]                   ^

It seems that Java is not recognizing the data type java.sql.Array. Anyone knows why? Thanks a lot!

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You should use curly brackets with your while statements:

while ( {
    Array arr;  // Add more code here.
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It works! Thank you. But why should we use curly brackets when there is only one statement? – Yang May 24 '12 at 19:16
@Yang: Because the Java specification doesn't all you to create a local variable there unless you have a block. Even if it were allowed, it wouldn't make much sense. What would its scope be? – Mark Byers May 24 '12 at 19:21

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