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Before posting this question, I've tried ways to make this work but it doesn't.

This is the csv structure:

|model - map to sku
|category - map to categories
|image - use image plugin - works fine
|visibility : default mapper plugin, value: 'Catalog, Search'
|configurable_attributes : default mapper plugin, value: 'manufacturer,color'

example csv file:

All simple products are imported fine but the configurable ones don't. I already activate the configurable items with these settings:

Perform simples/configurable link Yes
auto match simples skus before configurable Yes
Force simples visibility No

I want to know why it doesn't work and solution for this problem ? Thanks for reading :)

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You also need to specify simples_skus for each configurable product; i'm not quite sure if it will help, but i see no mistakes except this one – Vitaly Muminov May 24 '12 at 20:22
I've get configurable product created by adding another csv column 'type' and create new configurable one. But the simple product doesn't seem to link to the configurable one. – nXqd May 24 '12 at 20:24
There are two ways for linking configurable products and simple: By default magmi links one configurable with the previous simple products found. That could be overriden by setting a new CSV field "simples_skus" with a comma separated list of simples to be attached to the configurable. – el.atomo May 29 '12 at 10:16
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Since I solve the problem by writing my own parser to map some specifics column from original csv to magmi's csv structure. And I also create another file for configurable product with new two columns :

  type : 'configurable'
  simples_skus: list of simple skus

Thanks for reading and discussing :)

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As I understand the automatic mapping, it is based on the attributes you specify for configurable_attributes (in your case manufacturer,colour). However, your csv structure does not seem to include values for the colour attribute

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