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I am creating a Android app on Eclipse. I have an external library that has methods that I would like to call. I have created the appropriate "libs" directory, copied my jar file to it and added that library through Properties > Java Build Path > Add Jars...

The odd thing is that I can reference a class in that jar file just fine but that class can't reference other classes in that same jar. I have several other applications that use the same jar file and they all work fine.

Any ideas???

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try to add it as an external library...

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Tried that (removed reference in build path configuration and added it back as external jar pointing to file in project directory). Same issue. One of the errors I'm getting is: "05-24 20:09:26.128: W/dalvikvm(534): Unable to resolve superclass of Lorg/tempuri/EHDLookupService; (442)" is that helps. –  mbadtk May 24 '12 at 20:12

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