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I'd like to create a datagrid with lock columns. To do that, I try two methods but anyone works well.

First, I try:

 <mx:DataGrid lockedColumnCount="3" id="dgSuiviClini"
                                         width="100%" height="{bgSuivi.height-90-90}" >
                                    <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="prescription"  headerText="P." editable="false" resizable="false" width="20"/>
                                    <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="grDateDeb" headerText="Date" editable="false" resizable="false" fontStyle="italic"

                                    <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="code" headerText="Type" editable="false" resizable="false" fontStyle="italic"
                                    <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="scRub2" headerText="R1" editable="true" wordWrap="true"/>
                                    <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="scRub3" headerText="R1" wordWrap="true"/>
                                    <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="scRub4" headerText="R1" wordWrap="true"/>
                                    <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="scRub5" headerText="R1" wordWrap="true"/>
                                    <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="scRub6" headerText="R1" wordWrap="true"/>
                                    <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="scRub7" headerText="R1" wordWrap="true"/>
                                    <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="scRub8" headerText="R1" wordWrap="true"/>


But in this case horizontal scrollbar appear for all the datagrid. I'd like that it appear only for no locked columns.

Second approach, I put two datagrid in the same container, one with scroll policy off and the second to on.

In this case only 1st datagrid is locked. But as as use wordWrap="true" heigt row are different in left part and rigt part.

So I try to find a solution to have something like that:

Thanksenter image description here

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I've wrestled with the advanced data grid quite a bit but not the normal data grid so much. Unfortunately the ADG code doesn't directly line up with the normal DataGrid but to get the specific functionality you're looking for I'm almost positive you're going to have to dig into the source for DataGrid and check out the drawXXX methods, in the ADG a scrollRect is defined for the entire content area and would need to be adjusted accordingly, not sure if this holds true with the normal DataGrid, but you could also step through that code to understand what wordWrap is doing. –  shaunhusain May 24 '12 at 21:20
Do not use DataGrid better to go with AdvancedDataGrid you can find two properties that can solve your problem: - lockedColumnCount and lockedRowCount. –  Mahesh Parate May 25 '12 at 9:35

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