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Is there any way to detect if the client is using a touchpad vs. a mouse with Javascript?

Or at least to get some reasonable estimate of the number of users that use touchpads as opposed to mice?

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Do you mean a touch-screen device or a touch-pad mouse device? The first distinction is trivial, the second is impossible. – apsillers May 24 '12 at 20:24
@apsillers: Touch-pad mouse device. – Fragsworth May 24 '12 at 22:32

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In the general case, there is no way to do what you want. ActiveX might allow you to see and examine USB devices, but in the best case, even if that is somehow possible, that limits you to IE users. Beyond that, there is no way to know.

You might be able to discern patterns in how (or how often) a touchpad user moves the cursor versus how a mouse user might move the cursor. Differentiating between physical input devices in this way is an absurdly difficult prospect, and may be wholly impossible, so I include here it for completeness only.

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You could detect JS events.

A touch device will fire touch events such as touchstart in addition to mouse events.

A non-touch device will only fire the mouse events.

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This should work:

if ("ontouchstart" in window) ...
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Using chrome for example with a macbook with a trackpad wont have this event – David Fariña Jul 2 at 18:45
it does not work in chrome as David said – Matjaž Jurečič Aug 7 at 15:57

This topic may be already solved, but the answer was there is no way to detect it. Well I needed to get a solution, it was very important. So I found a acceptable solution for this problem:

var scrolling = false;
var oldTime = 0;
var newTime = 0;
var isTouchPad;
var eventCount = 0;
var eventCountStart;

var mouseHandle = function (evt) {
    var isTouchPadDefined = isTouchPad || typeof isTouchPad !== "undefined";
    if (!isTouchPadDefined) {
        if (eventCount === 0) {
            eventCountStart = new Date().getTime();


        if (new Date().getTime() - eventCountStart > 50) {
                if (eventCount > 5) {
                    isTouchPad = true;
                } else {
                    isTouchPad = false;
            isTouchPadDefined = true;

    if (isTouchPadDefined) {
        // here you can do what you want
        // i just wanted the direction, for swiping, so i have to prevent
        // the multiple event calls to trigger multiple unwanted actions (trackpad)
        if (!evt) evt = event;
        var direction = (evt.detail<0 || evt.wheelDelta>0) ? 1 : -1;

        if (isTouchPad) {
            newTime = new Date().getTime();

            if (!scrolling && newTime-oldTime > 550 ) {
                scrolling = true;
                if (direction < 0) {
                    // swipe down
                } else {
                    // swipe up
                setTimeout(function() {oldTime = new Date().getTime();scrolling = false}, 500);
        } else {
            if (direction < 0) {
                // swipe down
            } else {
                // swipe up

And registering the events:

document.addEventListener("mousewheel", mouseHandle, false);
document.addEventListener("DOMMouseScroll", mouseHandle, false);

It may need some optimization and is maybe less than perfect, but it works! At least it can detect a macbook trackpad. But due to the design i'd say it should work anywhere where the pad introduces a lot of event calls.

Here is how it works:

When the user first scrolls, it will detect and check that in 50ms not more than 5 events got triggered, which is pretty unusual for a normal mouse, but not for a trackpad.

Then there is the else part, which is not for importance for the detection, but rather a trick to call a function once like when a user swipes. Please come at me if I wasn't clear enough, it was very tricky to get this working, and is of course a less than ideal workaround.

Edit: I optimized the code now as much as I can. It detects the mouseroll on the second time and swipe on trackpad instantly. Removed also a lot of repeating and unnecessary code.

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Here is a fiddle with this code for easier testing of end result. – Marko Grešak Jul 29 at 1:12
Thanks. I use this code now on my production site and it works very well. I modified your fiddle to get an instant result: – David Fariña Jul 29 at 9:30
The assumption of "not more than 5 events in 50ms" doesn't hold for my mouse. How did you come up with it? – F Lekschas Aug 19 at 15:36
It was just guessing from testing around 5 different mouses and 3 track pads. Does the fiddle report you are using a trackpad when youre using the mouse then? – David Fariña Aug 20 at 8:26

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