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I am trying to use jQuery Masked Input (from digitalBush) without success. My HTML code is:

<input class="numeric float optional" id="ocorrencia_altura" min="0" name="ocorrencia[altura]" step="any" type="number">

And my Javascript code is:


It works fine in Firefox 12 (field without spins (HTML5 input type=number)) but doesn't work with Chrome 19, where the input has spins. I can't even insert a number in Chrome (In text fields it works). How could I fix this?

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you may visit this link github.com/digitalBush/jquery.maskedinput/pull/85; this might help you as type = number or tel is having masking problem –  Alok Anand Aug 17 '12 at 6:55

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Try adding a ? at the start of the mask specifier:

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