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I added a srpite image.I will use it as button.When I press it,it should effect like in code below.It works only when I wrote toouch.event.action_down.But I want when my finger is up, the button should return stuation beforel like in code below.but it doesn't work.

           Sprite spriteMusicPicture1 = new Sprite(726.0f, 350.0f, mFaceTextureRegion7){
                public boolean onAreaTouched(final TouchEvent pAreaTouchEvent, final float pTouchAreaLocalX, final float pTouchAreaLocalY) {
                    switch(pAreaTouchEvent.getAction()) {
                        case TouchEvent.ACTION_DOWN:                    

                        case TouchEvent.ACTION_UP:  

                            return true;
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After each case you have to put a break; otherwise it will not stop and continue executing all the lines

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