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Is there a good way to mavenify a play! framework application?

I just starting playing with play framework for my new project. I am not familiar with scala and no idea about sbt build and deployment tool. I am using java to write my application with play framework.

I read this in the play documentation

" It’s also possible to write a Maven POM file or Ivy configuration file to externally configure your dependencies, and have sbt use those external configuration files."

I need to build and store my application in my local nexus repository. But I was not able to find how to generate a default POM for my applicatilon and use it to manage dependencies and deploy it after building to my local nexus repository.

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As you can only use the dependencies that are specified in the POM file (not the repositories for example), I don't think it's easier to use a POM. That is, unless you have already a large set of dependencies in an existing POM and want to reuse that.

In case you want to reuse a POM have a look here: https://github.com/harrah/xsbt/wiki/Library-Management in the section Maven pom (dependencies only). You will have to add this to the SBT build file (Build.scala): externalPom()

But in case you are starting from scratch it might be easier to add the dependencies to Build.scala directly, since you will have to change this file anyway (adding your Nexus repos. for example).

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