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I am using R (windows) and have a function that creates an ASCII file using sink(). I then try and print the file using the system command:

system(paste('"c:/Program files (x86)/IDM Computer Solutions/UltraEdit/uedit32.exe"',' /p d:/R/rtmpfile.prt'), intern=TRUE)

The above goes through the motions but does not actually print anything (although once in a while it actually prints). However, if I open up a command window and execute the same command as a batch file it always prints OK (i.e. c:\program files (x86)\idm computer solutions\ultraedit\uedit32.exe /p d:\R\rtmpfile.prt).

In short, I want to send an ASCII file saved in a folder to my local printer (and do so using an R function). Any suggestions?

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could you say a little bit more about what you're actually trying to accomplish? – Ben Bolker May 24 '12 at 21:01
hmmm. Prints "once in a while"? Can you save the results of the system(...,intern=TRUE) call to a variable and inspect them (i.e. there may be log/error messages there)? Are the backslash/forward slash differences between your system call and batch file syntax intended (backslashes in the R system string need to be escaped, so "\\Program files ...\\IDM ..." ) – Ben Bolker May 24 '12 at 22:33

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