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I'm trying to create a simple bi-directional lookup facility for enums in C++. I have one-way lookup working fine...

enum MyEnum

const boost::unordered_map<MyEnum,std::string> MyEnumMap = map_list_of
    (One, "One")
    (Two, "Two")
    (Three, "Three");

and then doing a look via

That works but it only allows for lookups based on key. I'd like to use a bi-directional lookup container such as boost:bimap to allow for easy reverse lookups based on value as well as key. It doesn't seem like map_list_of is compatible with boost::bimap though.

Firstly, should I still be using map_list_of with boost::bimap, or is another type required?
The maps will all be a basic (Enum, string) type.

Second, is there a way I can still define the map as const in a simple way as above? I'm trying to make this as easy to update and maintain as possible without getting into too many additional typedefs and such. Your insight is appreciated.

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if you are just interested in a good way to map enumerators to strings, you could take advantage of boost_enum (from the boost vault). Look this thread :… – Carsten Greiner May 25 '12 at 9:22
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Try using list_of directly:

typedef boost::bimap< MyEnum, std::string > bm_type;
const bm_type MyEnumMap =
  boost::assign::list_of< bm_type::relation >
    ( One, "One" )
    ( Two, "Two" )
    ( Three, "Three" );

Note the usage of 'relation' instead of 'value_type'.

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This works nicely, thanks! – salimoneus May 30 '12 at 18:43

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