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I saw this question and it brought up some questions about building a RESTful API. For my application, I want to make something similar to Twitter or Facebook's newsfeed where it uses AJAX to pull additional feed information as the user scrolls through the page using jQuery. I am not sure what's the best approach to architect this. Is it overkill to create a REST api to expose this functionality that I only intend to use in my own web application? What are some tradeoffs I need to consider?

Note: the project is using PHP/CodeIgniter/jQuery

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I think that this question is too general, but even more specifically it's probably better for programmers –  Explosion Pills May 24 '12 at 21:41

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Consider the language that PHP and Javascript both talk best at - and that's JSON. So, unless you want the full RESTful services, why do anything more complex than JSON?

RESTful is really designed for supporting a wide range of services. You only need the one. Don't make it more complex for yourself.

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