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I have a bunch of files and I want to get the filenames of those files which don't have a given word in their contents.

I would like to do this by a single line statement in the shell.I know it is not tough to get filenames of the files which do contain a given word.

The following would give me all files which contain a given word.

find . | xargs grep -l "someword" | uniq

I thought that grep only works on a per line basis, but that's not true. So the above command can be changed to:

find . | xargs grep -l "someword"

And hence comes the obvious answer to the question:

find . | xargs grep -L "someword"
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This should do it:

find . | xargs grep -L "someword" | uniq
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This is crazy, I didn't expect this to work. Thanks. My worry was that it would give you an output on a per line basis. But I guess that's not true, which also means that we don't need uniq. – varunl May 24 '12 at 23:08

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