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I am currently formatting my chart series point series with the code shown below but I don't see any way to change the font for the point label text. Does anyone know where to access the font attributes for the point labels?

'set the series point color dependent on value and retrieve the best & worst values
    Dim bestval As Double = 0.0
    Dim worstval As Double = 0.0
    For Each pt As DataPoint In cht.Series("MonthPL").Points
        'pt.IsValueShownAsLabel = True
        pt.Label = "#VALY{C0}"
        pt.LabelToolTip = "#AXISLABEL 's P/L is #VALY{C0}"
        If pt.YValues(0) < 0 Then
            If pt.YValues(0) < worstval Then worstval = pt.YValues(0)
            pt.Color = Color.Red
            pt.LabelForeColor = Color.Black
            If pt.YValues(0) > bestval Then bestval = pt.YValues(0)
            pt.Color = Color.DarkGreen
            pt.LabelForeColor = Color.GhostWhite
        End If
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You should see it here


The actual code I use in c# is

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Declare a new font, and use that:

Font myFont = new Font(FontFamily.Generic.SansSerif, 14, FontStyle.Bold);

Then set the font property of your datapoint to it:

pt.font = myFont;
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