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Has anyone tried to generate from two table like so


ID - PK  
Table2Id - FK (unique constraint and nullable)  
Log - String  


Id - PK  
Request - String

When I generate from these tables, I expect a 0..1 to 0..1 relationship or when I make it not nullable, I expect a 0..1 to 1 relationship which also doesn't seem to generate correctly.

Does this work for other people?

Caveat: I do mostly java, so I am probably missing something simple.

Also, a follow on question. I am more used to hibernate and also find it strange that it generates a Table1.Table2 field AND a Table1.Table2Id field. In hibernate world, it only generates the Table1.Table2 field and when you call Table1.Table2.Id it gets the id not from Table2 but from the FK column of Table1 to avoid the database hit. I.e. why does C# bother having the second id field on generation as it seems like a waste?

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by ADO do you mean Entity Framework? –  Grzegorz W May 24 '12 at 22:33
Hibernate is an ORM, ADO.Net is sort of an API for accessing some sort of database. ORM is a higher level of abstraction. If you are used to thinking this way, you might want to have alook at Entity Framework or POCO instead. –  Tony Hopkinson May 24 '12 at 22:37

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