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VMware ended support for VMware server last year. Users are free to continue using VMware server but there will be no updates. If was wondering whether continued use of VMware server implies serious security risks or not (because of the lack on security updates). Is virtualisation software that much vulnerable to (fast changing) security issues like OS's are?

If this implies seriours security problems, which solution would you recommend? Bare metal hypervisors are for some reasons no option for me, so I was thinking about using VirtualBox or VMware Workstation. Which one would you recommend to replace VMware Server? I remember some years ago VirtualBox was behind VMware Server in progress: how would you compare VirtualBox today to the discontinued VMware server?

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you might consider superuser.com, or if this is for a corporate environment, serverfault.com –  ninjagecko May 24 '12 at 22:41

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There have been holes in Virtual Machine sandboxes (or supporting modules) before. Therefore, the risk will steadily increase over time, and people may have less incentive to look for or report bugs in EOL software.

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