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(I know there is a module, but I'm trying to learn on my own)

I basically want some kind of form or page where I create a form for an administrator.

So, the administrator can fill in the question and can add more than one right answer. Sorta like a multiple choice question with more than one answer.

The user will go ahead and answer the question.

Do, I create a content type? Do I use form api instead. Not sure at this moment how to go about it.


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The Quiz module provides tools for authoring and administering quizzes through Drupal. A quiz is given as a series of questions, with only one question appearing per page. Scores are then stored in the database.

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yeah, thanks!I already looked at the quiz module. But I want to able to show the answer right away after the question is answered. – airnet May 25 '12 at 0:52
And then continue to the next question – airnet May 25 '12 at 0:55

From what I get, you can create a custom drupal module and use form api for creating Multipage forms and add pragmatically add validaters for adding you correct result before moving to the next page/form.

Writing a simple. Hope this helps and contact if you need help.

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