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within a java chess application, I need at different points in time to "invert" the GridLayout representing the board. (after the turn of White/Black for example, or simply at the user's request to get a different view of the board).

Is there any quick way invert vertically a GridLayout ? That would enable me to not have to unload and reload background squares, and that would make my click events easier to handle as panels don't get moved around.

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Unfortunately there is no built-in functionality for flipping a GridLayout in swing. Instead, you could try removing the panels that make up your board and re-adding them in reverse order. This would essentially "flip" the board.

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mmmmh, yes I was thinking of that, pretty messy though. With that trouble added to others, i'm almost thinking of trading Swing against a bespoke Java 2d piece... –  Franklin May 29 '12 at 13:02

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