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I have compiled a class library that uses v.2.0 System.Drawing and it is used in an ASP.NET v3.5 web site.

When I compile the class library using Visual Studio 2010, I can use the DLL in my site without errors.

When I remotely compile the class library using TFS2010, I get an exception when the call for System.Drawing occurs.


Could not load file or assembly 'System.Drawing, Version= ...

I think the trouble area is regarding the resources I'm using. I have used added a resource file (resx) and added an image. My code is pulling the image through the resource classes that are generated for me. The generated code is converting the resource to a System.Drawing.Bitmap

Anyone seen this before? Anyone know how to make it stop using .NET 4? On all the references to System.Drawing, I set property "SpecificVersion" to true.

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Does the build server have .net 3.5 installed on it?

If you're using a Windows Server 2008R2 machine then it doesn't have these on by default. You have to add the "feature" through Administrative Tools->Server Manager->Features.

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