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Let's say I have the url for a blog post,

Using only this information, is there any reasonably direct way to retrieve this single blog post in Atom (or RSS) format?

Background: I'm creating a mobile app interface for a Blogger blog using its Atom feed. When the blog post links to another of its own posts, I want to display the linked page in the same manner as the source page, so I need that in Atom feed format.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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let me know if you find out the answer. I posted a similar question today as well:… – Papa De Beau Apr 29 '13 at 3:51

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I came across this from Blogger API while I was looking for a similar feature. It is possible to access the data from a specific post. Check this link on Google Developers.

I am not sure whether you can get the data in ATOM format, but I think you can get response as JSON.

Update: I was able to get this information also. Should be what you are looking for - source

Atom 1.0:

Note: You can find the postId of an individual post from the Posting | Edit Posts tab. Simply mouseover the 'Edit' link next to a particular post, and that postId will be displayed in your browser's status bar.

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