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I am using datatables:

        "bRetrieve": true,
        "bJQueryUI": true,
        "sDom": "<'row'<'span6'l><'span6'f>r>t<'row'<'span6'i><'span6'p>>",
        "bPaginate": false,
        "bAutoWidth": false,
        "bFilter": false


and for making it editable I am using datatables editable plugin:


How it only works when I click on the row's cell. Can I programmatically tell it which row to edit eg. based on some row index of table etc?

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I'm guessing that it should be as simple as triggering a click on a table cell.


//first, specify a table cell (as appropriate to your application)
var $row = $("#myTable tr").eq(2);//third row
var $cell = $row.find("td").eq(1);//second cell

//then trigger a click

If I'm right, then the cell will now be in edit mode, ready to accept keyboard input.

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Cool. Thanks. Except you forgot . before eq :) –  Tim Tom May 25 '12 at 12:20
So I did, twice!! Edited. –  Beetroot-Beetroot May 25 '12 at 16:42

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