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I am using PanoramaGL to make a 360 degree rotating image,the problem is how can i make it stop rotating automatically?

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While researching for a solution on this case I've managed to get it working.

All you need to do on iOS is insert a line on PLViewBase.m, at method drawViewInternally.


[camera rotateWithStartPoint:startPoint endPoint:endPoint];


startPoint = endPoint;

This will trick PanoramaGL to assume the "first touch location" as the last one, therefore the "distance" between the drag points are always tiny enough to make a consistent and smooth scroll.

Then you just need to adjust the sensitivity. 10.0f did fine for me.

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try this

plView.isScrollingEnabled = NO
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The question is to not disable scrolling at all, but how to stop auto scrolling when user drags to one way. I really need to know too –  PooLaS Dec 13 '12 at 14:00

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