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Here is the problem..
Let's say I have two files:

  • ${src.dir}/com/mydomain/me/foo/a.xsd that containts schema for structure "A"
  • ${src.dir}/com/mydomain/me/bar/b.xsd that containts schema for structure "B"

I can generate the Java files that way:

<xjc destdir="${tmp.dir}">
    <schema dir="${src.dir}" includes="**/*.xsd"/>

In this case xjc will generate the two following class definition files:

  • ${tmp.dir}/generated/A.java
  • ${tmp.dir}/generated/B.java

But the result I'm hoping is:

  • ${tmp.dir}/com/mydomain/me/foo/A.java
  • ${tmp.dir}/com/mydomain/me/bar/B.java

I know I can use the attribute package="com.mydomain.me", but with this solution I cannot specify that A.java have to be in subfolder "foo" and that B.java have to be in subfolder "bar". I'd like xjc to act like javac for packages; reproducing the same directories in both ${src.dir} and ${tmp.dir}.

Is there a way to obtain this behaviour, or any way to explicitelly set the output package for each xsd ?

Sorry for my bad english, thank you for reading :-)

Okay I found the solution, I just add the following in each xsd:

            <jxb:package name="com.mydomain.me.foo"/>

That's not really nice but it works.
More infos here: http://jaxb.java.net/guide/Customizing_Java_packages.html

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