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I have a question regarding to Facebook removing of offline_access_tokens. According to the document,we can

refresh the life time of the token to 60 days after getting a new token

from the facebook.

Just one thing. According to facebook,

After the offline_access removal date, currently set for 7/5/2012 (see roadmap for exact date), all existing offline_access access_tokens will have their expiration time truncated to 60 days. This truncation will be transparent to the user and your app will continue functioning normally; Facebook will send an updated message through the weekly developer round-up when this truncation will occur.

So, all exisiting offline_access_tokens will be truncated their life time to 60 days from 5 July 2012. **

Is it safe to assume that the expiry time of existing offline access tokens will be around 3 Sep 2012?


Because for the newly generated token, when I refresh it, I can get the info like below.


But for the exisiting long lived access token, whenever I refresh it, I can only get the info like below without expires information.


Without expire information, I can't nofiy the user ahead to log in to facebook to use the app before the expire time.

So, like I mentioned above, is it safe to assume that the truncated expiry time of exisitng offline_access_tokens will be 60 days from 5,July 2012?

Edited: Is there any way to get info provided by, where we can get issued date, etc? (might be duplicated of this one.)

Pls share me your ideas. Thanks ahead.

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Did you get an answer to this? If yes, then can you update? I am in the same boat trying to interpret the truncation of existing tokens. –  dotnetster Aug 22 '12 at 17:30

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