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I am using Java/ to create a drawing application.

I need to be able to reset the PGraphics object quite a lot. This is fine if I am only drawing rects,lines ect to the PGraphics object. But I need to be able to draw images to it.

Is there any way to reset the PGraphics object without calling:

graphic=createGraphics(700, 700, JAVA2D); 

or is there some other way around this issue?

Here is some sample code to highlight the issue. It should crash after about 40+ clicks...

PImage img;
PImage main_image;

PGraphics graphic;

void setup(){
  graphic=createGraphics(700, 700, JAVA2D); 

void draw(){




void mouseClicked(){

  graphic=createGraphics(700, 700, JAVA2D); 
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SOLVED::: Instead of calling createGraphic each time I just call the following function:

graphic = setAlpha(graphic);

and here's the function:

PGraphics setAlpha(PGraphics g){
 for (int x = 0; x < g.width; x++ ) {
    for (int y = 0; y < g.height; y++ ) {

      // Calculate the 1D pixel location
      int loc = x + y*g.width;

 return g;
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