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I have a movie database where movies are inserted into a table named titles with an AUTO_INCREMENT primary key named titles_id. Users can submit movies anonymously which are inserted into a separate identical table named titles_anon. After reviewing entries in titles_anon I want to insert them into titles but the id column is causing problems

I tried this:

INSERT INTO titles SELECT * FROM titles_anon WHERE title_id='$title_id';

I either get a duplicate key error, or if the title_id does not already exist in titles it inserts OK but uses the titles_anon id instead of a new AUTO_INCREMENT value which I want.

How do I copy a row between tables when both tables have an AUTO_INCREMENT primary key?

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(column_name1, column_name2, column_name3, column_name4,...)
SELECT title_id, col2, col3, col4,..
FROM titles_anon
WHERE title_id = '$title_id';
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You define your fields in SELECT, but omit the PK and add the same fields to INSERT!

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You can omit the id column completely, let mysql generate it for you. This need a little longer SQL to specify the exact columns you want to insert.

INSERT INTO titles (columns-other-than-the-primary-key) 
    SELECT columns-of-the-same-order FROM titles_anon
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In PHP you can do something similar to:

$rs = mysql_query("select * from table_orig where RowID=$IDToCopy",$db_conn);
 $row = mysql_fetch_assoc($rs);
 $sql = '';
 $fields = '';
 foreach($row as $k => $v){
  if($k == "RowID") continue;
  $sql .= ",'$v'";
  $fields .= ",$k";
 $sql = "insert into table_copy (".substr($fields,1).") values (".substr($sql,1).")";
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