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is there any way how to access from iframe to parrent page (and change parrent page)?

   <iframe src="frame1.html" name="frame1" height="100%"></iframe>
   <div id="test1"></div>

In frame1.html is <a href=..> and I want to add text "<h1>clicked</h1>" into <div id="test1"></div>, when the <a href..> was clicked.


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For many security reasons this is not possible. –  Christian Varga May 25 '12 at 5:04
@ChristianVarga not entirely true: It's allowed across elements residing in the same domain. –  Christoph May 25 '12 at 6:23
Awesome, I stand corrected. –  Christian Varga May 25 '12 at 6:24
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2 Answers

If your child page (frame1.html) is located at same domain as parent page, You can write a code like below in the child window :

 $('#test1', parent.document).html('<h1>clicked</h1>');

The second parameter provides the context in which to search the element matched by the first parameter. The Document is here:http://api.jquery.com/jQuery/#jQuery-selector-context

 jQuery( selector [, context ] )

So, your code (frame1.html) could go like this:

 <a href="..." 
  onclick="$('#test1', parent.document).html('<h1>clicked</h1>');">click me</a>

Hope this helps.

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Important note: Accessing in and out iframes is only possible, if both, parent and iframe are from the same domain, else you have no access due to Same Origin Policy.

Note, that both parts have their own document. Accessing the parent object from iframe is simple with


and from parent it is one of the following:


(window.frames.length /*gives you the number of iframes in your document*/ )

or reference it with id and do the following (watch out for support!)

var iframe = document.getElementById('iframe');
var doc = iframe.contentDocument? iframe.contentDocument:iframe.contentWindow.document;
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