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In my jsp on readyfunction i am setting value for some variables

$(document).ready(function() {
........////some code.......
var compCode=$('#companyCode').val();
........////some code.......
........////some code.......

my controller is returning one value say ABC and i am accessing this value using ,

<input type="hidden" value="${ABC}" id="companyCode">

suppose , if my jsp has more than two fields having same id as "countrySectorinMemInfo"

then how " $("#countrySectorinMemInfo").val(countrySec);" will work......

can anybody explain me ...???

both vaues will get set or only last value will be set ...?????

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Multiple elements with the same ID is illegal in HTML. The browser behaviour is unspecified. Give them a different ID. If you need a common selector, use name or class instead.

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I agree with @BalusC

you should use class names instead of IDs. I think all of the JavaScript libraries have methods to get elements by class name. The jQuery way:

// Get all elements with class 'myclass'
var nodes = $('.myclass');

The YUI 2.7.0 Selector way:

// Get all elements with class 'myclass'
var nodes = YAHOO.util.Selector.query('.myclass'); 

The YUI 2.7.0 getElementsByClass way:

// Get all elements with class 'myclass'
var nodes = YAHOO.util.Dom.getElementsByClassName('myclass');
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